I began this journey as a young ballerina, stretching, twirling, leaping through my adolescence and landing with a flourish: a scholarship to study dance performance. Days before I headed off to school, a tricky spin left me with a broken ankle, and I was forced to sit through my first semester, pouting and staring at my cast, watching my dreams of being a dancer slip away…

Luckily, I had registered for one non-dancing course, Introduction to Psychology. I fell in love with the science, simply fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and its connection to the physical body. When I discovered Pilates, I was reacquainted with the connection I had to my body through dance. It transformed my life and inspired me to focus on preventative healthcare.

A few years after I graduated, my husband’s exciting but tumultuous career led us to a sabbatical in Costa Rica. The experiences chronicled there became my debut narrative: Everything is Moving.

Currently, we live in Los Angeles, CA with our daughter. I work in the recently regulated cannabis industry.